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13-Sep-2011Radial intensity gradients of galactic cosmic rays in the heliosphere at solar maximum: 1D no-shock simulation;
13-Sep-2011Rapid isotopic changes in groundwater, upper Rio Guanajuato catchment, Mexico;
13-Sep-2011Rare earth element geochemistry of the Late Quaternary tephra and volcano-clastic sediments from the Pachuca sub-basin, north-eastern Basin of Mexico;
13-Sep-2011Rare-earth element distribution in water from El Chichón Volcano Crater Lake, Chiapas Mexico;
13-Sep-2011Reconnaissance study of Colola and Maruata, the nesting beaches of marine turtles along the Michoacan coast in southern Mexico;
13-Sep-2011Risk perception and coping strategies for risk from Popocatépetl Volcano, Mexico;
13-Sep-2011Saline intrusion in Guaymas Valley, Mexico from time-domain electromagnetic soundings;
13-Sep-2011Scattering of Rayleigh-waves by surface-breaking cracks: an integral formulation;
13-Sep-2011Seismic structure of South-Central Andes of Colombia by tomographic inversion;
13-Sep-2011Seismicity of the Pejibaye-Matina, Costa Rica, region: a strike-slip tectonic boundary?;
13-Sep-2011Significance tests for the relationship between “El Niño” phenomenon and precipitation in Mexico;
13-Sep-2011Simulating elastic wave propagation in boreholes: Fundamentals of seismic response and quantitative interpretation of well log data;
13-Sep-2011Some new theoretical considerations about the ellipticity of Rayleigh waves in the light of site-effect studies in Israel and Mexico;
13-Sep-2011Source characteristics of the 1989 Boca del Tocuyo earthquakes in northwestern Venezuela;
13-Sep-2011Source parameters of the July 30, 2006 (Mw 5.5) Gulf of California earthquake and a comparison with other moderate earthquakes in the region;
13-Sep-2011Streamlets within meteoroid streams on NEA orbits;
13-Sep-2011Study of charge behavior during solar particle acceleration;
13-Sep-2011Study of the turbulence in the central plasma sheet during August 24-28 geomagnetic storm using the CLUSTER satellite data;
13-Sep-2011Submarine topography and faulting in Bahía de Banderas, Mexico;
13-Sep-2011Synthetic and natural Iron oxide characterization through microparticle voltammetry;