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13-Sep-2011Magnetic characteristics and archeointensity determination on Mesoamerican Pre-Columbian Pottery from Quiahuiztlan, Veracruz, Mexico;
13-Sep-2011Magnetic features of marine black turtle natal beaches and implications for nest selection;
13-Sep-2011Magnetic mineral study of Holocene marine sediments from the Alfonso Basin, Gulf of California - implications for depositional environment and sediment sources;
13-Sep-2011Magnetic parameter analysis of a climosequence of soils in the Southern Pampean Region, Argentina;
13-Sep-2011Major and trace element geochemistry of El Chichón volcano-hydrothermal system (Chiapas, México) in 2006-2007: implications for future geochemical monitoring;
13-Sep-2011Measurements of upper mantle shear wave anisotropy from stations around the southern Gulf of California;
13-Sep-2011Mexican Virtual Solar Observatory: hydrodynamic simulations of the evolution of CMEs;
13-Sep-2011Multi-scale analysis of well-logging data in petrophysical and stratigraphic correlation;
13-Sep-2011Non-methane Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) at El Chichón volcano (Chiapas, México): Geochemical features, origin and behavior;
13-Sep-2011Numerical modeling of Etla Valley aquifer, Oax., Mexico: Evolution and remediation scenarios;
13-Sep-2011On the near surface momentum balance in the Yucatán Channel;
13-Sep-2011Onset and end of the rainy season and corn yields in São Paulo State, Brazil;
13-Sep-2011Paleomagnetic and rock-magnetic survey of Brunhes lava flows from Tancitaro volcano, Mexico;
13-Sep-2011Paleomagnetic study of Jurassic and Cretaceous rocks north of San Marcos fault, central Coahuila, México;
13-Sep-2011Paleoseismology of the southwestern Morelia-Acambay fault system, central Mexico;
13-Sep-2011Poisson relation applied to the Navarrete Plutonic Complex, northeast North-Patagonian Massif, Argentina;
13-Sep-2011Possible dependence between the total solar irradiance and dimethylsulphide;
13-Sep-2011Possible lateral stress interactions in a sequence of large interplate thrust earthquakes on the subducting Cocos and Rivera plates;
13-Sep-2011Precipitation variability and soil water content in Pampean Flatlands (Argentina);
13-Sep-2011Radial intensity gradients of galactic cosmic rays in the heliosphere at solar maximum: 1D no-shock simulation;