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13-Sep-2011The Chicxulub multi-ring impact crater, Yucatan carbonate platform, Gulf of Mexico;
13-Sep-2011Unified formulation of enhanced oil-recovery methods;
13-Sep-2011The bolide of February 10, 2010: Observations in Hidalgo and Puebla, Mexico;
13-Sep-2011Simulating elastic wave propagation in boreholes: Fundamentals of seismic response and quantitative interpretation of well log data;
13-Sep-2011A case study of a winter heavy rainfall event over the Serra do Mar in Brazil;
13-Sep-2011Electrical resistivity imaging of a seismic region in northern Baja California, Mexico;
13-Sep-2011Magnetic parameter analysis of a climosequence of soils in the Southern Pampean Region, Argentina;
13-Sep-2011Poisson relation applied to the Navarrete Plutonic Complex, northeast North-Patagonian Massif, Argentina;
13-Sep-2011Significance tests for the relationship between “El Niño” phenomenon and precipitation in Mexico;
13-Sep-2011Interpretation of Las Salinas sedimentary basin - Argentina, based on integration of geological and geophysical data;
13-Sep-2011Depth estimation to crystalline basement in the valley of La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico;
13-Sep-2011Reconnaissance study of Colola and Maruata, the nesting beaches of marine turtles along the Michoacan coast in southern Mexico;
13-Sep-2011Comparison of regional elevation heights in the Aguascalientes basin using DGPS technique with INEGI’s digital terrain model;
13-Sep-2011The structure of the Goulfey-Tourba sedimentary basin (Chad-Cameroon): a gravity study;
13-Sep-2011Groundwater differentiation of the aquifer in the Vizcaino Biosphere Reserve, Baja California Peninsula, Mexico;
13-Sep-2011The great aurora of January 18, 1770;
13-Sep-2011Intraslab Mexican earthquakes of 27 April 2009 (Mw5.8) and 22 May 2009 (Mw5.6): a source and ground motion study;
13-Sep-2011Some new theoretical considerations about the ellipticity of Rayleigh waves in the light of site-effect studies in Israel and Mexico;
13-Sep-2011Convergence analysis for Latin-hypercube lattice-sample selection strategies for 3D correlated random hydraulic-conductivity fields;
13-Sep-2011Source parameters of the July 30, 2006 (Mw 5.5) Gulf of California earthquake and a comparison with other moderate earthquakes in the region;
Collection's Items (Sorted by Fecha de envío in Descendente order): 1 to 20 of 119
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