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Título: El camino a la diversidad municipal
Palabras clave: constitutional law; State reform; local government and; public administration
Fecha de publicación: 12-Sep-2011
Editorial: Instituto de Investigaciones Jurídicas
Descripción: The Mexican local government constitutional text has originated the same institutional framework and, the lack of a government typology even the great cultural, political and economical diversity. The problems go from the inability to pursue local democratic forms to inefficient administrative structures and local services which do not fit citizen needs. The comparative study points a negative correlation between the constitutional text and the presence of several types of local governments, showing more advantages the local governments under different organic structures. In our case, the complete or partial elimination of the article 115 of the national constitution would open the possibility to state congresses to develop different types of local governments which agree with their local necessities in each region.
Other Identifiers: http://revistas.unam.mx/index.php/cuc/article/view/27110
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