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4-Oct-2012A case study of orographic cyclogenesis over South America
4-Oct-2012A climatological study of sea breeze clouds in the southeast of the Iberian Peninsula (Alicante, Spain)
4-Oct-2012A comparative simple method for human bioclimatic conditions applied to seasonally hot/warm cities of Mexico
4-Oct-2012A comparison of two cases of low-latitude thundersnow.
4-Oct-2012A composite energetics study for contrasting south west monsoon years in the recent decade
4-Oct-2012A detailed point by point rebuttal of Skiba's (1994)
4-Oct-2012A determination of the greenhouse parameter for dry and unpolluted air
4-Oct-2012A diabatic generalization of the quasigeostrophic frontogenesis function
4-Oct-2012A different view of the climatic effect of CO2 - Updated
4-Oct-2012A field comparision of cloud water collectors in a montainous region under low wind speed conditions en Eastern México
4-Oct-2012A lidar study of atmospheric aerosols during two contrasting monsoon seasons
4-Oct-2012A model of the stable nocturnal boundary layer
4-Oct-2012A model study of the time evolution of climate at the secular time scale
4-Oct-2012A neural network approach for temperature retrieval from AMSU-A measurements onboard NOAA-15 and NOAA-16 satellites and a case study during Gonu cyclone;
4-Oct-2012A new reconstruction of total solar irradiance since 1832
4-Oct-2012A note on hemispheric and global temperature changes
4-Oct-2012A note on inertial motion
4-Oct-2012A note on longer term oscillations in the atmosphere
4-Oct-2012A note on nonlinear aspects of large-scale atmospheric instabilities
4-Oct-2012A note on the logarithmic -3 law of atmospheric energy