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Título: Uárbi. Escritos femeninos en p'urhépecha
Uárbi. Escritos femeninos en p'urhépecha
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Fecha de publicación: 3-Oct-2012
Editorial: Instituto de Investigaciones Filológicas
Descripción: From a Purepecha periodical Fernando Nava has chosen three texts written by women. They are illustrative of the kinds of texts of interest in a monolingual publication that has a growing readership in the region. The practical orthography in which the texts are transcribed is one that the U.rhi group has proposed as a standard writing system. However, of equal significance is the fact that the periodical is dedicated to writing by Purepecha women, and the texts in their content reflect their interests in the different aspects of community life. The initial text, from the first issue, reflects on the importance of the Purepecha heritage. The second is an editorial that emphasizes how important it is for cultural survival that Purepecha women as well as men should take time from their daily tasks to write in their language about their ideas. The third is an editorial also, which discusses the problems of the indigenous peoples in Mexico with relation to legislation proposed that concerns the existence and rights of the indigenous population.
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