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Título: El encuentro del tabardillo. Introducción a algunos procesos narrativos en purépecha
El encuentro del tabardillo. Introducción a algunos procesos narrativos en purépecha
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Fecha de publicación: 3-Oct-2012
Editorial: Instituto de Investigaciones Filológicas
Descripción: The traditional December festivities in the community of Tiríndaro are described by the narrator, the late Agustín Téllez. Don Agustín with his wife had immigrated to Mexico City some time earlier, but they maintained continued contact with their community. Tata Agustín’s knowledge and great interest in Purepecha, the language, culture and music, motivated him to return for festivities whenever possible. Claudine Chamoreau points out that the account centers on the collection of a wild plant, takari (Piquieiria trinervia), known in Spanish as “tabardillo”, used to decorate the Purepecha houses and cover the floors during the Christmas festivities. The traditional collection provides an opportunity for both young and old generations to spend time together and in this way strengthens family ties. Tata Agustín also describes the ‘dance of the old men’ or Toro that takes place at this time, in which the dancers are accompanied by a character called the maringuía. Chamoreau describes certain characteristics of Purepecha discourse and grammar present in the text, in particular the role of the infinitive, and in addition provides an interlineal linguistic analysis; she also includes ethnographic commentary and reflections about the functions of the practice in the Purepecha community.
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