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Título: Wantántskwa ma warhíiti p' orhépecha, 'Narración de una mujer p'orchépecha'
Wantántskwa ma warhíiti p' orhépecha, 'Narración de una mujer p'orchépecha'
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Fecha de publicación: 3-Oct-2012
Editorial: Instituto de Investigaciones Filológicas
Descripción: This text was spontaneously narrated by a Purepecha woman, now a resident of Mexico City, but originally from Puácuaro in the lake area. The protagonist relates part of her story as a migrant to the city and also tells of the difficulties she has encountered in urban daily life. In the first part she describes her present life as a cook in a small restaurant. In the second, she tells of her early marriage, then her temporary break with her husband and first arrival in Mexico City where her first child was born. In the years following she returned with her husband and bore four more children. Of special interest also are the ways in which she has maintained contact with her community, spending several periods of time there during the past twenty years or so, in part due to her sometimes unstable marital relationship. At the end of her account, she speaks of her children and the ways in which they have helped her, while she has struggled to maintain them. Alejandra Capistrán provides a detailed linguistic analysis of the text in the interlineal translation, with footnotes that explain specific points of the grammar in more detail.
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