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Título: Fray Maturino Gilberti y la lengua de Michoacán
Fray Maturino Gilberti y la lengua de Michoacán
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Fecha de publicación: 3-Oct-2012
Editorial: Instituto de Investigaciones Filológicas
Moisés Franco presents one of the Ejemplos (“Examples”) that are found in the Diálogo de doctrina cristiana en la lengua de Mechoacan, written by Maturino Gilberti (1559). This one in particular involves a dispute between a Jewish moneylender and a malicious Christian who tries to avoid paying back his debt by tricking the moneylender when he takes him to court. The Christian, however, is injured in an accident on his way home following the judgement, and the moneylender saves him by praying to St. Nicolas, the saint that had been called upon to witness the original transaction. The Christian repents and gives all his gold to the moneylender.It is possible to see the role that knowledge and use of the indigenous language had in the process of evangelization during the colonial period. The Ejemplo that Gilberti presents lets one appreciate a speech register quite different from that used in judicial matters. Franco notes the peculiar speech style found in the text and points out the need to do more research in this area. Gilberti’s Diálogo is written completely in Purepecha, and the fragment presented here had no translation to Spanish; the accompanying Spanish text here was provided by Franco, who is himself a native speaker of the language.
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