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Título: El discurso de los pascolas entre los yaqui de Sonora, México
El discurso de los pascolas entre los yaqui de Sonora, México
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Fecha de publicación: 3-Oct-2012
Editorial: Instituto de Investigaciones Filológicas
Descripción: In this article, the three authors describe the linguistic and contextual characteristics of the Yaqui pascola discourse, a humorous speech genre used in a number of different Yaqui festivities. The pascola is a character who appears in dances, and the authors describe his dress, which includes various kinds of rattles and a carved wooden mask decorated with a beard and eyebrows. He dances in a kind of constant shuffle to the musical accompaniment and his function is to entertain the audience with his jokes and gesturing. There are usually three pascola dancers. The authors contextualize pascola discourse in terms of other Yaqui discourse, analyze specific vocabulary used by the pascolas, and then describe in detail the events in which they participate, including examples of pascola speech that they have collected from performances of the “The consecrated”, “The bay bull” and “The lying man”. They note especially how code-switching and bilingual puns are used to draw laughter from their audience and that these are found only in pascola discourse within the genres of Yaqui ritual speech.
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