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Título: Jiak bwa'ame. Textos de la cocina yaqui
Jiak bwa'ame. Textos de la cocina yaqui
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Fecha de publicación: 3-Oct-2012
Editorial: Instituto de Investigaciones Filológicas
Descripción: In her contribution, Lilián Guerrero presents a selection of five Yaqui recipes from Estación Vícam, Sonora, that she collected in 2007 from Aurelia Mendoza and María Luisa Buitimea. The recipes are for Wakabaki ‘Cocido de res’, Koko’i waki ‘Carne con chile’, Ainam tajkaim ‘Tortillas de harina’, Koko’i nojim ‘Tamales de carne con chile’, and Abai nojim ‘Tamales de elote’. The author points out the evident combination of a cultural and lingüistic Hispanic heritage with the Yaqui traditions and terms in a number of the semantic fields. For example, she notes that many of the names for cooking utensils and for fruit and vegetables brought to México by the Spanish are loanwords, for instance, sartem from sartén ‘frying pan’ and pimienta ‘pepper’. In more detail she discusses the characteristics of the recipes as a discourse genre, noting the use of certain particles that in some cases are found only in this kind of discourse. She also identifies the use, as recorded in the different recipes, of a central vocabulary for the description of the different kinds of food preparation.
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