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Título: Zidgyni zyala rnalaza liu 'Vengo de la luz del amanecer, recordándote'. Cuatro poemas y un cuento del zapoteco del Valle
Zidgyni zyala rnalaza liu `Vengo de la luz del amanecer, recondándote'. Cuatro poemas y un cuento del zapoteco del Valle
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Fecha de publicación: 3-Oct-2012
Editorial: Instituto de Investigaciones Filológicas
These Zapotec texts are from the Quiavini Literary Collective. In their introduction, Mario Chávez and Román López describe the history and work of the Collective which, among other tasks, has taken on that of recording Quiavini oral traditions at the same time as the authors as a group dedicate themselves to creating a new literary tradition in Zapotec. The texts included in this volume are representative of the principal characteristics of the group’s feeling, which include in the authors’ words, the value of Zapotec as a literary expression, a love of nature, the cycle of life, as well as the social and sentimental problems found in the community. They are entitled “Gyub” (“Aurora”)‘Dawn’, “Te wizh” (“El atardecer”) ‘Twilight or sunset’, “Wxiny zhyab” (“Noche de tempestad”) ‘Stormy night’, “Yrata zhi rnalaza liu” (“Siempre te recuerdo”) ‘I always remember you’, and “Bisy ni cayuny ra many gyitseiny” (“La alerta de los grillos”) ‘The crickets’ alert’.
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