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3-Oct-2012Cartels in the courtroom: Criminal justice reform and its role in the Mexican drug war;
3-Oct-2012Confrontation, collusion and tolerance: The relationship between law enforcement and organized crime in Tijuana;
3-Oct-2012Criminal justice reform in Mexico: An overview;
3-Oct-2012Environmental law in Mexico: A new paradigm;
3-Oct-2012Foreign direct investment, restrictions and privatization: The Mexican regulatory experience;
3-Oct-2012Gender stereotyping and the federal judiciary in Mexico;
3-Oct-2012Global war: The concept of modern war under attack;
3-Oct-2012Judges as invited actors in the political arena: The cases of Costa Rica and Guatemala;
3-Oct-2012Making the best of it: A conceptual reconstruction of abortion jurisprudence in the United States and Mexico;
3-Oct-2012Mexico’s political culture: The unrule of law and corruption as a form of resistance;
3-Oct-2012Racing to the top?: Acquisitions as a vehicle for improved environmental performance in Mexico;
3-Oct-2012The autonomy principle of letters of credit;
3-Oct-2012The counter-majoritarian difficulty: Bickel and the Mexican case;
3-Oct-2012The Inter-American court of human rights and the death penalty;
3-Oct-2012The legal construction of racial discrimination in Mexico: Celebrating 200 years of independence?;
3-Oct-2012The Rotterdam rules: Between hope and disappointment;
3-Oct-2012The sociological concept of judicial legitimacy: Notes of Latin American constitutional courts;
3-Oct-2012The “ability to pay” as a fundamental right: Rethinking the foundations of tax law;