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Título: Conflict situations in the socio-health sphere of aged people
Palabras clave: elderly
care facilities
centres d'atenció
centros de atención
Fecha de publicación: 29-Mar-2012
Editorial: Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Descripción: Peer reviewed
Detection and description of conflicts when assisting aged people in the socio-health sphere in Guipúzcoa's province. This study is part of a larger research funded by the UPV/EHU dealing with old age conflicts and suggesting interventions based on mediation and conflict resolution. Semi-structured interviews were carried out upon 30 people related to old people assistance: 22 women and 8 men. The most frequent conflicts were: demand and resources are out of step, in those cases where the family has an essential role, and coexistence conflicts. The existence of negative stereotypes about the old age and the aging process interfere with conflicts, as well as the detected lack of knowledge concerning conflict dynamics and its resolutions. Old people, their relatives, and the technical personnel were the most implied parties, of which the last ones are the mainstays when dealing with conflicts. These conflicts management is conditioned upon the maintenance of the institutions' everyday operation due to the characteristics of the population being treated, the scarcity of resources and its consequences, and the personalization of conflict (the aged people are involved in it and are the source of conflict).
Detecció i descripció dels conflictes en la assistència a persones grans en l'àmbit sociosanitari a la província de Guipúscoa. Aquest estudi forma part d'una investigació més àmplia, finançada per la UPV / EHU, que aborda els conflictes en la vellesa i proposa intervencions basades en mediació i resolució de conflictes. es realitzar entrevistes semiestructurades a 30 individus relacionats amb l'assistència a gent gran, 22 dones i 8 homes.
Detección y descripción de los conflictos en la asistencia a personas mayores en el ámbito socio-sanitario en la provincia de Guipúzcoa. Este estudio forma parte de una investigación más amplia, financiada por la UPV/EHU, que aborda los conflictos en la vejez y propone intervenciones basadas en mediación y resolución de conflictos. Se realizaron entrevistas semiestructuradas a 30 individuos relacionados con la asistencia a personas mayores, 22 mujeres y 8 varones.
Other Identifiers: Alzate, R.; Mora, R.; Magdaleno, A.I. (2009). "Conflict situations in the socio-health sphere of aged people". Journal of conflictology, 2009, Vol. 0, num 1
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